Detangling Brush
Children And Adults The Most Loved

Brand  new & high quality 
Specially-designed detangler with multi-height bristles and  alternating rows to glides through, untangling stubborn knots as you  comb.
Easily & painlessly detangle all types of hair; fine, thick or curly,  without tearing or breaking.
The ergonomic handle is lightweight & comfortable to hold so the whole  family can use it easily.
Unique cone shaped plastic bristles work to separate the hair sideways  instead of down, gently unraveling even the toughest tangles.
The comb bristles works like a soft brush, gently unraveling even the  toughest tangles.

MilaBrush Classic

Make your hair dreams come true with MilaBrush Classic



Boosted with ionic technology, MilaBrush Cassic has a powerful ion generator that you can activate or deactivate according to your needs. It reduces frizz and adds shine, making your hair smooth with a silky look.


Our hair brush straightener doesn’t get as hot as straightening iron, so it is less likely to burn or damage your hair or fingers. features protective guards around the bristles to reduce the chance of scorched or damaged hair. Plus, the comb will turn off automatically if not use for 60 mins to ensure you and your house’ safety.


The hair straightening brush with an MCH ceramic plate,heat quickly,save energy,durable and last longer. wider and denser comb tooth also decrease the time of straightening. Not only protect your hair from heat damaging but its actually good for it! Brushing can stimulates your hair follicles and promotes new hair growth by increasing the blood flow to your scalp!*


for thicker and curly hair, 210-230 degrees Celsius, common hair, 190-210 degrees Celsius, thin and soft hair, 170-190 degrees Celsius,

Only 3 Steps, Easy to Style

Use only on dry brushed
First Step: Long press the power button for 3 seconds, set the temperature. Product will heat to the specified temperature in 60s

Second Step: Set the right degree for your hair.

Third Step: Cover less hair in one stroke once for thick and curly hair. Brush slowly in a pulling motion. According to the different hair texture, combing hair from the inside out once or twice, like a normal comb. Make Sure your hair gets deep into the inner area of the hairbrush straightener

With Mila PRIDE let your hair be groomed everywhere and always

Mila Pride hair brush straightener comes with a premium stealth pocket comb to tame your mane throughout the day. Mila Pride hair brush can also support 110 – 240v and works in any country around the world

SST allows you to save a significant amount of time grooming and perfecting your hair with a single brush stroke. Our variable heat gauge and ION technology allows you to groom and tame any hair in a flash. This technology has been tested vigorously in every hair straightening brush

A perfect combination of a durable ceramic plates and break through ION generating bristles gives you a perfect groom and long lasting all day results. Arkam’s hair brush straightener combines 3 tools in one to give you the most advanced hair iron

Mila Pride hair straightening heat brush was carefully engineered to enhance your look and to save you valuable time taming your hair. The adjustable settings allows you to also use it as a hair straightening brush to give you your favorite hairstyle in a few strokes. Our brush has a anti-scald design to ensure your safety and peace of mind

Just like a noble man, we stand by our word and if your beastly hair is not tamed with our hair straightener, we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your results, no questions asked