You can pay the order:

Bank card

We accept payment system cards VISA and Master Card. VISA ELECTRON card can be used for payment only if the card has the code CVV2 or CVC2 – a three-digit control number printed on the back of the bank card in the upper right corner of the special signature strip.

Check whether the bank card is intended for payment on the Internet (this information can be provided by your bank) and make sure that there is enough money on your card to place the planned order.

Minimum one-time payment is unlimited.

If, during the processing of the Order, any of the selected items are out of stock at the company’s warehouse, the billing amount will be less than the Order amount. At the same time, the funds on the card will be blocked in accordance with the Order, and in fact will be debited in accordance with the invoice. The return of the difference of funds to the card occurs automatically. The repayment period depends on the bank that issued the card, and is usually from 1 business day to 30 business days.

Online payment security

At the time of payment by bank card, the system will redirect you to the bank server, which will ask for your bank card details (card number, card expiration date, cardholder’s name in Latin letters). The collection and processing of your confidential data (details, cards, registration data, etc.) are performed in the processing center of the bank – with the highest degree of protection.

Bank card details must be entered and confirmed within 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the payment is closed due to the expiration of the waiting period.

For any questions related to the payment of goods, please contact Opening hours: around the clock.